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Market led,
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Micron’s programme of forage treatments, mycotoxin remediation and yeast-based supplements provide the ruminant stockholder with valuable tools to combat common production limiting problems. SMART SCIENCE assures that every solution is the product of extensive research and development proven both in the laboratory and in the field.

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The poultry industry globally faces numerous challenges to efficient and profitable production. Micron has determined a variety of product-based solutions to common poultry feed and health issues to improve the quality of feed and better utilisation of feed materials while maintaining the health of animals and maximising incomes from meat or egg production.

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Pork is a key protein source consumed globally. Micron’s innovative range of product-based solutions aims to limit the effects of potentially damaging mycotoxins within feed and to improve intestinal health providing for optimal swine performance throughout their life.

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Welcome to Micron Bio-Systems

Market Led, Technology Driven

Micron’s approach is based upon three pillars, each of which incorporate technology based products and solutions to address challenges in animal health and husbandry.

These pillars are:


Our products are applied across ruminants, swine and poultry to cover solutions for feed sanitation, mycotoxin risk management, stimulation of growth performance, enhancement of natural body defence mechanism.

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