Quality Control Credentials

Quality is not just a simple product adjective or definition at Micron. The superior Quality of Micron’s complete product line is backed by science and the most demanding Certification Programs in the industry.

Micron Bio-Systems set a goal of becoming the industry leader in providing high-quality products that exceed customer expectations and help secure the safety and future of the World Feed/Food Supply.

Micron Certifications:

The internationally accepted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, with its process approach to quality manufacturing practices and service provision, was selected due to its international prominence and adoption, as well as its ability to provide a framework for a Quality Management System that can grow organically as the company continues its expansion.

American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) Safe Feed/Safe Food Program for feed safety. This program focuses on monitoring the physical plant and infrastructure and requires controls on suppliers, material identification and traceability throughout the production process.

Micron is currently implementing the Voluntary HACCP Program, which is a relatively new program for the feed industry. The Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points system was originally developed by NASA to ensure the safety of foodstuffs used by astronauts, but has been implemented within the Human Food industry.

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