Forage & Feed Preservation

Micron’s Smart Science Products

are developed to fit your specific needs:

  • Insure your forage is properly preserved
  • Achieve silage mass stability in days
  • Maintain the highest possible feed value
  • Increase milk production
  • Control spoilage yeasts and molds

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Early Sile

  • NEW generation of biological silage additives
  • Drives forage fermentation with specifically selected bacteria
  • Inhibits spoilage organisms with biologically produced compounds
  • Improves digestibility

Profresh Plus

  • A slow release, dry granular formulation containing propionic acid
  • Prolonged control of spoilage yeast and molds
  • Reduces spoilage of silage in hard to pack areas
  • Results in higher feed value

Early Bale Plus

  • EPA registered propionic acid hay preservative
  • Liquid preservative applied to high moisture feed grains
  • Minimizes losses due to yeast and mold growth
  • Allows hay to be put up wetter to enable safer storage
  • Buffered to be easy on equipment and safer to handle