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Pork is a key protein source consumed globally. Micron’s innovative range of product-based solutions aims to limit the effects of potentially damaging mycotoxins within feed and to improve intestinal health providing for optimal swine performance throughout their life.

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Feed Preservation
Micron’s Feed Preservation program is designed to counter problems related to microbial spoilage in forage and feed. This program will help maximise retention and availability of nutrients, reduce risk of contamination by microorganisms and improve the stability of forage and feed.

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Mycotoxin Remediation
Micron’s Mycotoxin Remediation program is designed to combat mycotoxin challenges in poultry, swine and ruminants by using a combination of technologies to bind, transform and degrade the principal toxins.

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Micron has developed products formulated from probiotics, prebiotics and other biologically active materials to promote a healthy digestive microflora in production animals to achieve improved performance and immune competence.

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