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Feed Preservation

LPA 65 - Liquid Buffered Propionic Acid


LPA 65 is a liquid buffered propionic acid based liquid preservative for achieving control of spoilage yeasts and molds in animal feeding stuffs. It contains 65% propionic acid.

The Challenge

Optimum preservation of feeds and grains is dependant upon minimizing the effects of spoilage organisms in the material, less than optimal moisture levels, excess exposure to oxygen and extreme environmental conditions can lead to molding of feedstuffs and loss of nutritional value.

The Solution

LPA 65 is an effective treatment that controls heating and spoilage of feed caused by the growth of yeasts and molds. This control results in the stabilization and preservation of processed livestock feeds and stored grains.

  • It’s formulated to contain a propionic acid content in a buffered form of 65%
  • User friendly by being buffered to pH 5.9 – 6.0 and is therefore gentler on the skin.
  • Equipment friendly by being less corrosive on painted metal.
  • Animal friendly since treated hay is safer for all livestock including beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

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