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Feed Preservation

Advance - Silage Inoculants


Advance® is a range of silage inoculants that have been specifically formulated to produce the best results in silages made from grass, corn, and tropical grasses.

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The Challenge

Ensiling is the most efficient and cost effective manner to preserve the growing forage and feed animals all year around. Achieving effective fermentation is utmost importance in producing high-quality silage. Lowering pH as quickly as possible is key to maintain nutrient value as well as create less favorable conditions for undesired microorganisms. To maintain the aerobic stability in silage is critical as yeasts and molds are major factors for aerobic deterioration.

The Solution

The focus of our products are on the properties of different ensiling materials offering a full range of solutions:

  • Advance® Grass
  • Advance® Corn
  • Advance® Tropical Grasses
Advance range


Each product has been designed to contain 4 common components that have been individually formulated to achieve maximum effect in ensiling different forages.

Bacteria Bacteria

An accomplishment of effective fermentation and aerobic stability is guaranteed by a fundamental principal of Avance®Advance® Silage Inoculants contain a two-strain mix Pediococcus and Lactobacillus, proprietary to Micron, to assure rapid fermentation of sugars into lactic acid to drop a pH of the crop. Lactobacillus brevis acetic acid producing strain inhibits growth of spoilage yeasts and molds.

New powerful enzymes identified by Micron’s R&D separate effectively fermentable fibre from lignin leading to significant increases in digestibility of treated forages.

Freeze dried bacteria are present in a dormant state in silage inoculants and can be slow to become active when added to silage. Advance® Silage Inoculants contain specific components, which stimulate the bacteria to ensure maximum activity once rehydrated.


  • Improves silage quality
  • Prevents silage spoilage
  • Maintains silage nutritional value
  • Forage specific solutions

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