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Booster Pack - Direct Fed Microbial


Booster Pack is a source of live beneficial probiotic microorganisms, prebiotic compounds and digestive enzymes for use in animal nutrition.

The Challenge

Farm animals are constantly subjected to stress conditions that can cause an imbalance in the microbial content of the intestines. This imbalance can result in intestinal infections, digestive upsets, reduction in feed intakes, lowered growth and production performance and illness. Periods of stress can be caused by things such as: feed changes, weather events, illness, birthing, acidosis, high production, transport and grouping. Therapeutic treatment with antibiotics may create a temporarily sterile digestive tract, making the animal vulnerable to pathogens, resulting in further health problems.

The Solution

Restoring the microbial balance to the animal intestinal tract with Direct Fed Microbials helps the animal to overcome stress effect and to reach its productive potential.

Booster Pack provides a source of temperature stable probiotic bacteria which are helpful in the digestion of feed materials together with a source of exogenous digestive enzymes to improve digestion within the rumen and intestinal system. Live yeast stimulates rumen function and fibre digestion. Mannan oligosaccharides derived from yeast fermentation specifically feed the beneficial microflora of the lower gut to maintain intestinal health and enhance feed conversion.

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