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Feed Preservation

Profresh Plus - Feed Stabilizer


Profresh Plus is a preservative based on a buffered propionic acid used for stabilization of TMR and silage as well as for a prevention of mold growth in feed ingredients and compound animal feed.

The Challenge

Molds and yeast are a group of microorganisms that cause deterioration of grains, forages, TMR and animal feed, produce unpalatable compounds and form mycotoxins that adversely affect animal growth and production. This can cause detrimental consequences to animal health and have a major economic impact on the producer.

The Solution

Preservative Profresh Plus contains a propionic acid which possesses antimicrobial activity against spoilage yeast and molds in animal feeds. Moreover, the slow release carrier guarantees an effective prolonged control over microbial growth which is the key in preventing deterioration and/or mycotoxin formation in stored grains and feeds.


  • Prolonged stabilization of TMR and silage
  • Prevention of yeasts and molds growth in animal feed and feed ingredients
  • Higher retained nutritional value

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