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Feed Preservation

Advance - Silage Inoculants

Advance® is a range of silage inoculants that have been specifically formulated to produce the best results in silages made from grass, corn and tropical grasses.

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Profresh Plus - Feed Stabilizer

Profresh Plus is a preservative based on a buffered propionic acid used for stabilization of TMR and silage as well as for a prevention of mold growth in feed ingredients and compound animal feed.

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Early Bale Plus - Propionic Acid

Early Bale Plus is a buffered propionic acid, an organic acid that inhibits aerobic microbial activity in hay and permits safe storage at moisture contents greater than 20%.

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LPA 65 - Liquid Buffered Propionic Acid

LPA 65 is a liquid buffered propionic acid based liquid preservative for achieving control of spoilage yeasts and molds in animal feeding stuffs.

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